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Immobiliare Volpi


Left Side Panel

Left Side Panel

The left side panel is unique UI and UX element that sets the theme apart from the others. The panel can be always visible, which means the content in the panel (like the Search) is within quick reach at all times.

On mobile devices the panel slides out of the way, and will appear when you click on an icon.

There is an option to always hide the left panel, and have it appear when you click an icon.

Panel Sections

1. Text block

Hidden by default. Add any text, for example your phone number, email, slogan, etc.

2. Menu

Hidden by default. Is the main menu and main sub menu (the one with 3 vertical dots) not enough? Optionally have another menu shown in the left panel.

3. Search

Shown by default. Never hunt down where to do a listing search, because when it’s in the left panel, it will always be visible and easy to access. If you don’t want your site to have a search, then in Theme Options choose to not show this in the panel.

4. Widgets

Hidden by default. (Not shown in the pic) Include any widget in the left side panel.